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Guild Recruitment - READ THIS FIRST

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Guild Recruitment - READ THIS FIRST

Postby bigcrits » Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:34 pm

Interested in joining Big Crits? Please read the sections below, and click the application link at the bottom when you are done.

General Information
All applicants must read this post before applying--there will be a quiz later. Due to the unique nature of this guild there are quite a few more questions than most guilds would present and some questions are a bit unusual. Please answer them all honestly, to the best of your ability, with detail.

Take your time and put some thought into your application. The vast majority of the guild reads these applications and it will be their first impression of you. Humor in writing, if not done well, comes across as obtuse, and sarcasm is often misinterpreted as rudeness or elitism. If you can’t be bothered with proper spelling and grammar then your first impression will be that of a dribbling general forums lolwut idiot. Be mindful of this, and for the love of all that is Holy/Disc, do not log out in PvP gear after you apply.

Once you’ve completed and posted your application the next step is to … wait. If someone does not reach out to you in-game or respond to your application a day after you posted, it is because we are discussing it internally and will get back to you within 2-3 days. We need time to discuss your application amongst ourselves, and we may take slightly longer to respond during progression. Our response will be relayed to you through a PM on the forums within 2-3 days at most (again, possibly longer during progression).

Raiding and Application information
Initiates are expected to make near 100% of raids during their initiate period and maintain 90% lifetime attendance thereafter. If you get wait listed for a raid and stay online during the entire raid time, it does count towards your attendance. Also, know this for later: Therec is always AT FULL HEALTH.

You can apply to join one of two raiding teams, the 12 hour or 9 hour raiding team.

Please note: All applications are public. They are posted to the guild forums publicly AND in a members-only section. If you do not want your application public, or if you haven't heard back from us in a timely manner, or you have any questions regarding your app, please feel free to ping Therec or Astheria either in game or on the forums.

Raider applicants
In Big Crits, we take progression seriously. This is an end-game raiding guild and we're looking for end-game raiders. If you do not have previous end-game raiding experience (meaning heroic content cleared while it was current), if you are not acceptably geared or optimized, or if you do not have any current experience then this will not be the right team for you. If you are interested in challenges, wipes, progression, wipes, hard modes, fresh kills, and having a helluva lot of fun in-game (yes, even while wiping) then this is the guild for you.

The 12 hour team expects all its members to be as efficient as possible. With a very tight 3 day, 4 hour schedule, we do not have time to take an extra few minutes either between pulls or on runbacks, especially when that few minutes could very easily add up to a final kill on a new boss. Also for the 12 hour team, specific to progression, all farm content may not be cleared within a week, with preference going to possible new kills. This is less the case during the start of the tier as it is towards the end.

The 12 hour team raids Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 730PM to 1130PM CST (Sen'jin server time). Raids during progression may go up to no longer than one hour overtime (Midnight CST).
The 9 hour raids Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7pm to 10pm CST.

You must be able to attend every raiding night of the particular team you're applying to. Advance notice for prior commitments is acceptable, but remember that we expect at least 90% raid attendance.

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